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A Safe Way to Insulate Your Home or Business

Protecting your building from fire should always be the first thing on a business’s mind. In fact, many building codes around the state require fireproofing protection of any structural steel as a safety precaution! With something as sensitive as fire resistance, it’s important to research your options carefully. The insulation you choose has to be both effective at its role and affordable to install. We’ll save you the time it takes to research; Advanced Green Insulation offers the best fireproof insulation for your needs in New England!

A worker uses a brush to spread fireproof insulation around a building's structure

What Is Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Material?

The most popular way to provide fireproofing protection for your commercial building is to use what’s called spray-applied fire-resistive material – or SFRM for short – to insulate it. The most effective SFRMs utilize low-density fiber or cementitious compounds for the most important structural elements of a building, including columns, beams, joists, and concrete – all of which can spell disaster for a building should a fire break out. The SFRMs work to manage the temperatures of all of these building components, which keeps them below the temperature that causes structural failure.

How Does Fireproof Insulation Benefit Your Home or Business?

The main benefit that fireproof insulation can offer your New England property is obvious – to protect it from the worst-case scenario should a fire break out. However, there are plenty of secondary benefits that make the fireproof insulation from Advanced Green Insulation the best for the New England market! Check out some of the other perks it can provide to your home or business!

  • Low Maintenance: Once this fireproofing insulation is installed, you won’t have to worry about any regular maintenance! It works on its own to improve your building’s efficiency and performance.
  • Mold + Pest Resistant: Because of the cementitious nature of fireproof insulation, it acts as a repellent against mold growth and pest infestations. Both of these issues can cost significant time and money to repair, so this insulation can save money in more ways than one!
  • Prevents Building Disasters: In the event that a fire does break out in your building, fireproof insulation can do wonders to prevent the worst-case scenario. Fire damage is repairable, but structural damage is more complicated to fix. Fireproof insulation ensures that complications of that magnitude don’t arise!

Choose Advanced Green Insulation For Your Fireproof Insulation Installation in MA, RI, CT, & NH

Reaping the most benefit from fireproof insulation requires working with a contractor that excels in their installation. If you pick a beginner contractor, the opportunity for issues to arise is far higher due to a lack of experience in the field. Advanced Green Insulation has spent years connecting homeowners across New England with masterful fireproof insulation installation that helps their property perform at its best. Do you need fire protection for your building? Contact Advanced Green Insulation today to be connected with the best options!

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