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How To Pick The Best Insulation For Your Home

Home Insulation Tips How To Pick The Best Insulation For Your Home

What would come to your mind if you were to pick the most important aspect of your home? You may think of things like its landscape and how the exterior performs. Security is also a big factor to consider. However, there’s a quality of a home that cannot be emphasized enough: comfort! As the place where you’ll spend most of your time, your home should be as comfortable as possible. This is especially true when it comes to temperature. Insulation is a great way to regulate your home’s temperature, but every home’s needs are different. We’ll give our expert tips on picking the best insulation for your home’s specifications below!

Consider Your Climate

Did you know that different types of insulation function better depending on what climate they are in? The climate you live in will help you determine how much airflow you want coming in and out of your home. Insulation also provides some padding that helps regulate your home’s temperature better. If you live in a warmer climate, heavy insulation may not be necessary for you. Those in colder climates would benefit from heavier insulation as well. Some types of insulation, like cellulose, don’t create a tight air seal – think about this aspect as well in your decision!

Consider Your Budget

The biggest make-or-break factor in acquiring new insulation is whether or not you can afford it. As is the case with many other home improvement items on the market, some types of insulation are far more expensive than others! For example, closed-cell spray foam insulation tends to be more expensive because of the material’s base price. Fiberglass, however, is a readily renewable resource that is the least expensive to install. This doesn’t mean you should always choose the cheapest option, as some types of insulation are more effective for a higher price, but budget should always be a deciding factor.

Consider Your R-Value

If you don’t know what the R-value is, listen up! R-values define how much insulation a certain material can provide to your property. They are measured on a numeric scale with greater integers indicating more effective insulation for a given space. A higher R-value may be the best option depending on your climate and where you need to install your insulation. However, there are some situations where high R-values aren’t necessary; for example, places with warmer climates may not need as heavy of insulation. The Department of Energy provides a helpful model for determining the most recommended R-values in different US states!

Insulation Installation with Advanced Green Insulation

Do you need help picking out the best insulation for your New England home? Advanced Green Insulation can help! We’ve spent years providing homeowners across the region with top-tier insulation that best fits their property’s needs, climate, and budget. Don’t pour money down the drain on monthly energy bills! Contact us today for insulation installation services!

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